Hi there, nice to get acquainted! My name is Martijn Buskermolen, I am a professional photographer with expertise in specific regions.

My passion for photography started really early on. At the age of ten I got my first analog camera with enough film to shoot all kinds of pictures. Making photos became a hobby and so it was onl logical to switch to digital photography as soon as I could. As most photographers I started with a digital compactcamera, but not much later switch to a digital SLR. I photograph with Nikon.

I studied MBO fotografie A12 in Ede (The Netherlands) and graduated in april 2013 as photographer. With a personal interest in music I started to photograph at concerts, here I learned a lot on how to work with light.

Currently I photograph mostly sportmatches for a variaty of Dutch magazines and newspapers. Besides my regular work I get a lot of assignments from companies with a various types of requests. As an addition I make pictures for some bands I follow.